Student's Support Services
1. National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)
Every year more than 50 students (both Boys and Girls from senior college) are enrolled for N.S.S.
2. Earn and Learn Scheme:
Earn and learn scheme has been granted to college by Savitribai Phule Pune University since its inception. Many students have benefited through the scheme till now. Students work in library, gymnasium, office and laboratories. They get work experience along with some financial help under this scheme.
3. Gymkhana:
The college encourages and promotes talented students in the field of sports through the Gymkhana. The college has produced a glittering array of sportsmen, many of whom have been honored with various awards. Gymkhana provides following game facility such as basket ball court, Indian games Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Equipment room, Indoor games like Chess, Carom, Table tennis, Badminton.
4. Library:
The College has a well equipped, automated and spacious library. A Library has wide collection of Reference books, Text books, National and International Periodicals. Open access to collection of books and resources. The library has Book bank, internet facility. Identity card is compulsory while using library services. Students should follow instructions displayed in the library.
5. Debating Union and Arts Circle
The college has a very active debating union and arts circle. Students are encouraged to participate in various debate competitions and cultural activities conducted by different organization in Pune and elsewhere.
6. Commerce Association
The commerce association provides an outlet to students to display a number of latent business qualities. Students of commerce can use this association as a platform to organize and host co- curricular activities.
7. Parent-Teacher Association
The college invites the parents of the newly admitted students for the inaugural address of the principal. Meetings with parents are arranged to give information about college activities, scholarships & resolve the grievances & gaps in the system.
8. Counseling and Guidance Centre:
The centre offers Counseling on personal, and emotional issues. It offers vocational guidance and career counseling. Every year many students from all the faculties avail the benefits of this centre.
9. Placement cell:
The college takes initiative in placing students for job in various renowned companies. Information about opportunities in higher education is also provided.
10. Anti Sexual Harassment:
Complaints if any, related to eve-teasing, use of obscene language unparliamentarily behaviours with either sexes (both staff and students) are addressed by the cell.
11. Grievance cell
Grievance cell is constituted to address students' concerns and their grievances.
12. Disaster Management Cell:
organizes mock drills, workshops and awareness programmes.
13. Sudarpan
The 'Sudarpan' is the annual college magazine. It is not only a collection of information or college data but it gives platform to students to express their views, thought, attitude and prescription. Sudarpan is full of essays, art pieces; book reviews experiences of students and their activities, achievements and success in various fields.
14. Vishakha
The women Harassment complaint Redressed Cell. Complaints from girl's students, women staff members are redressed by the women Harassment complaint Redressed Cell.
15. Student's Safety – On and off the campus
Following are the provisions done by the college to ensure the safety of the students on and off the campus. In scalable boundary wall height, single entry point to the campus safeguarded with security guards, Identity verification mechanism, register of unknown visitors, Wearing of ID cards by the students and staff in the premises is made compulsory.