Rules and Regulation's
A. Rules for Admission —

Students seeking admission to the college in the first year of any program will have to apply to the college in prescribed form which is available in the college office as well as on website of the college -


Students interested in the courses run by the college should apply as per the schedule noticed by the college. Applications received after the prescribed date will not be considered.


Admission will be confirmed only after submission of required documents and fulfilling the eligibility forms. Students have to pay full amount of fees at the time of admission.


Bonafide & eligible students of this college have to apply for admission to the next class in the prescribed form available in the college office within 3 days from the declaration of the result of University examination.


For other University student's admission: Students from the other university in the India seeking admission to the college will have to apply in the prescribed form. They have to apply eligibility certificate to the Registrar, Savitribai Phule Pune University, in the prescribed form. They will have to submit the following original documents along with the application for Eligibility Certificate, Migration Certificate, Passing Certificate, Gap Certificate, Transfer / Leaving Certificate, Statement of Marks of previous examination, Cast, Medical and HIV Test (for foreign students) Domicile Certificate.


Students from any Savitribai Phule Pune University affiliated college applying for the admission to Second Year any course run by this college can be directly admitted if they have good academic record and depending upon available seats for the course.


Foreign students seeking admission to the college will have to apply in the prescribed form along with the provisional Eligibility Certificate issued by the Registrar, Savitribai Phule Pune University and NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the Central Government along with the student's Visa &passport. Admission will be granted to them only after they fulfill the Rules Regulations of the University of Pune.


Admitted students have to Compulsorily fill up the Online Anti ragging under taking form.

B. For cancellation of admission Rules —

Declared by Savitribai Phule Pune University will be followed time to time for cancellation of admission.

Cancellation of admission and refund of fee:

Tuition Fee and Laboratory Fee : The candidate cancelling his / her confirmed admission will be entitled to receive the refund of fees after deducting the amounts as indicated below except otherwise as stated by the state Govt. / University / Competent Authority.

Sr.No. Time of Cancellation Amount to be deducted
1. From 1st day to 10 days from the date of securing admission 10 % of the total fees
2. From 11th day to 30 days from the date of securing admission 40 % of the total fees
3. After 30 days 100 % of the total fees

C. Rules for Attendance —


Every Student is expected to be regular and punctual in attending classes, practicals, tutorials and must put an attendance of minimum75% for all subjects.


Academic terms shall not be granted and the students shall not be allowed to appear for examination if the academic record and attendance are not satisfactory.


In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, if a student is required to be remaining absent; written application should be submitted to claim permission of the Principal for the period of absence.

D. Code of Conduct —


Students must carry valid Identity card during the stay in the college campus.


Students have to keep their cell phone (Mobile) switched off during the lectures / practical. Misuse of camera cell phones is strictly prohibited.


Smoking, drinking, alcohol and use of drugs is strictly prohibited in the premises of the college and hostel.


Students if found indulging in anti –national activities contrary to the provision of the acts and a lows enforced by Government will be expelled from the college without any notice by the principal of the college.


A students shall not go to the press or any other publicity media without prior permission of the Principal.


Attendance for the social and national events such as Independence Day, Republic Day and all other declared national celebration is mandatory.


Students should not damage the college property (furniture, equipments, library books, building etc.) if found guilty will be liable for disciplinary action.


Students have to maintain silence in the class / corridor, avoid disturbance to other classes and do not leave the class between the lectures.

E. Anti-ragging Rules —

Ragging is strictly prohibited and guilty students will face strict action including expulsion as per the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court in SLP No.24295 of 2006 16th may 2007 and in Civil Appeal No 887of 2009, dated 8th may 2009 and Govt. of Maharashtra Ordinance dated 15th may 1999. Prevention and prohibition of ragging is an offense punishable by law resulting in imprisonment and / or penalty.

Ragging means display of disorderly conduct of any act which cause or is likely to cause physical, psychological harm or raise Apprehension of fear of shame or embarrassment to a students in any educational institution and includes-Teasing, abusing, threatening or playing practical jokes and /or causing hurt to such students; or asking a students to do any act or perform something which such students will not in the ordinary course willingly, do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche or such fresher or any other students; Ragging within or outside of any educational institute is strictly prohibited.

► A cell against Harassment and atrocities against women is functioning in the college in keeping with the Supreme Court guidelines.

F. Disciplinary Rules —


As per the UGC draft Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009 every students and parent will have to fill and sign an undertaking (printed on perforated page) to refrain from ragging, and submit along with the admission form.


As per the Savitribai Phule Pune University Rules, a minimum of 75% attendance is essential, failing to which action will be taken as per the rules.


The students should be aware that four wheeler commuting to the college and four wheeler parking for students is strictly prohibited.


The students shall park the vehicle in the parking space provided by the college for students and pay the charges. If the vehicle is parked in adjacent space, college will not take responsibility of it.


The students shall not consume tobacco, drugs, pan parag, gutkha, liquor and other things which are injurious to health.


The students shall switch off his / her mobile while in college premises.

Maintenance of Discipline and
Good conduct by student - ordinance 157

1. Every students of Jadhavar College shall at all time

Conduct himself properly and maintain proper behavior


Observe strict discipline on the campus of the college and also outside i.e. in bus railway station, public place education trip and at play grounds.


Ensure that no act of his /her consciously or unconsciously brings the college in to disrepute.


Shall not lodge any complaint and make any representation regarding any matter connected with the college to the press or other social media.

2. Any students who behaves contrary to the provisions of following clause

Shall constitute misconduct or indiscipline which terms shall mean and include, among others, any one or more of the acts jointly or severally, mentioned hereinafter namely,


Any act directly or indirectly causes or attempt to cause disturbance in the lawful functioning of the college,


Habitual unpunctuality in attending lectures, practical's, tutorials and other courses as may be prescribed.


Repeated absence from lectures, practical's, tutorials and other courses


Canvassing for or accepting contributions or otherwise associating himself or herself with raising of any fund or any object whatever without the previous sanction of principal.


Securing admission in the college to any undergraduate or post graduate programme or any other course by fabrication or super sessions.


Obstructions to any students or group of students in his or their legimate activities whether in the class room play ground, gymnasium place of social and cultural activities within the campus of college.


Possessing or using fire arms, lethal weapons, explosive or dangerous or poisonous drugs or intoxicant in any form in the college


Ragging, bullying or harassing any students in the college or outside there off.


Harassing to staff member or any member of the college.


Destroying or attempting to destroy or tamper with any official record or document of the college.


Stealing or damaging any property belonging to the college, staff member of the college or any other students.


Instigation or participating in any gherao of any official of the staff member of the college.


Gambling in any form in the college


Refusal to appear to give evidence before enquiry officer appointed by the authority with respect to charge against him.


Disorderly behavior in any act specifically forbidden by the authority.


Conviction on the court of law for criminal offences, involving moral turpitude.


Any other act not specifically mentioned hereto before which whether, by commission or omission, as would in the circumstances of the case, be considered by the Authority as an act of misconduct and / or indiscipline.

G. General Instruction —


All students are expected to read the notices put up on the notice board of the college and website of the college. The college will not be responsible for loss of any advantage to the students due to his / her failure to note the notices in time.


Students must provide a correct personal mobile number, E-Mail Id and a proof of permanent correct address (Voter ID card, Aadhar card, Driving License, Ration card, Passport etc.) for correspondence in the college office. Any change in the address must be communicated in writing to the college office immediately.


Students will not be allowed to appear for the University examination unless he /she has competed his / her practical, journal, tutorial, project work as per the Savitribai Phule Pune University norms.