Examination Information
Instructions for student
  • All the students are informed to use online application system for submitting examination form (online.portal exam.unipune.ac.in of examination section of Savitribai Phule Pune University )
  • After declaration of result college notifies about filling online rechecking (Photo copy of answer sheet)/revaluations forms.
  • Passing percentage in all subjects is 40 *
  • ATKT rules are applicable as per University norms.
  • Internal examinations will be conducted only once per semester / term.
  • All the first year level (F.Y.) examination will be conducted by the college itself as per the Savitribai Phule Pune University guidelines.
  • Students of first year of all the faculties have to appear for physical Education examination & Medical checkup Camp.
  • Students who do not fulfill this condition will not do not be permitted to appear for Annual examination.
  • Students passing in all subjects at S.Y. level at but failing in any subject at F.Y. level cannot be admitted to T.Y. level at of any faculties.
  • EVS, Environment Awareness Course is compulsory for all S.Y.B.A. / S.Y. B.com. students passing in EVS is mandatory to acquire a Degree Certificate. Grades are awarded for these subjects. Attending all EVS lectures and project submission is compulsory.
  • A. While entering the examination hall.
    1. Make sure that you are not in possession any material such as books note –books scribbled notes mobile, etc, which may tempt one to copy or use as a reminder.
    2. Do not take away any answer-book supplement (written or blank) while leaving the examination hall.
    3. Do not speak or communicate in any way any other candidate in the examination hall while the examination is going on.
    4. Do not disobey any instruction /s issued to you by the senior or junior supervisor.
    5. Do not behave in a rude or disobedient manner.
  • Failure to observe the instruction may result in expelling the Candidate instantly and punishing the misconduct may result by excluding the Candidate form any University or college Examination or Course for a specified period permanently.

    B. While writing the examination hall.
    1. Write on both sides of the answer book.
    2. Write the answer book in blue or black ink/ball pen only. Use of coloured pencil or ink in case of diagrams and sketches is permitted.
    3. Do not write your name in any part of you answer –book or disclose your identity in any other manner.
    4. Do not write anything on your question paper or the blotting paper.
    5. Do not write your seat number anywhere except in the space provided. If seat number is written anywhere else, it will be treated as unfair means and the performance will be treated as null and void for the entire examination.
    6. Address all your queries to your supervisor.
    7. If you suspect that there is some error in the question paper immediately bring it to the notice of the senior supervisor so as to enable him to rectify it after making the necessary enquiries. In case the supervisor is unable to rectify the errors while the paper is in progress you should bring the suspected error to the notice of the university through the Ext. Sr. Supervisor of the Examination centre immediately.
    8. Write your answer in a legible hand, answer written in an illegible and undecipherable hand is liable to be unassisted.
    9. You will not be permitted to leave the examination hall until half hour after the question papers are distributed and during last 10 minutes of the schedule time prescribed for the particular examination.
    10. Exchange of writing materials stencils, mathematical instruments etc, is strictly prohibited.
    11. An act of copying or impersonation at an examination is punishable under the Maharashtra prevention of Malpractice at university Board and other specified examination (1982).The act passed to the effect.
    12. Do not write answer in wrong sections as these will not be examined.
    13. Make sign on the attendance sheet with your examination seat number.

    C. While handing over the answer –book to the supervisor.
    1. Make sure that you have completed and correctly written your seat number and other details on the cover page of the answer-books and supplements.
    2. All answer-books and supplements to you must be handed over to the supervisor intact whether written in or blank.

    University Examination Pattern:
    Class Term, End / Mid Term University Exam Total Marks Aggregate Marks
    F.Y.B.A 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 600
    S.Y.B.A 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 600
    T.Y.B.A 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 600
    F.Y.B.COM 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 700
    S.Y.B.COM 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 600
    T.Y.B.COM 2o Marks 8o Marks 100 600